Sumake Air Belt Sander ST-7709 (10x330mm)


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Sumake Air Belt Sander ST-7709 (10x330mm)

Sumake belt sander ST 7709


Sanding belt: 3/8"(10mm) X 13"(330mm)
Free speed: 17,000 RPM
Avg. Air consumption: 171 l/min. (6 CFM)
Overall length: 10-1/4" (260 mm)
Air inlet size: 1/4" PT
Air hose (I.D): 3/8"
Net weight: 1.9 kgs (0.9 lbs)
Product Made in Taiwan

Sumake belt sander or strip sander is used in shaping, finishing, burr removing in metal, wood and other materials. Sumake air sander machine is handheld and moved over the material. Sumake abrasive belt sander is very compact to use. Sumake pneumatic sander is made in taiwan. It is also called bandfile. The sand belt is changed depending upon the material to be used. Sumake pneumatic belt sander is a very cost effective and time saving tool. Abrasive sanding belts also available.

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.