Sumake Air Hammer 150mm with 4 chisels ST-2310R (Round Shank)


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Sumake Air Hammer 150mm with 4 chisels ST-2310R 

Sumake provides the best pneumatic hammer, with sturdy, long-lasting, easy maintenance, lightweight, such as air chipping hammer, air riveting hammer and more. Sumake pneumatic chipping hammer also known as an air chisel is a pneumatic hand held tool used to break or cut metal objects apart. Sumake air hammer is designed to accept different tools depending upon the required function.


Chisel Shank: Round- 0.401" (10.2mm appx)
Bore Diameter (ID):3/4" (19.05 mm)
Piston Stroke: 1-5/8" (41 mm)
Blow Per Min: 4,500(BPM)
Air Consumption: 4 cfm (113 l/min)
Suggest Air pressure: 90 psi
Overall Length: 5-2/9" (133 mm)
Air inlet: 1/4" PT
Air hose: 3/8" I.D
Product Made in Taiwan

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