Sumake Air Tools Pneumatic Tools

About Sumake

Sumake is a manufacturer and exporter specializing in professional high quality pneumatic tools, compressors and accessories suited to a wide range of applications including industrial and automotive.
Sumake is an innovative company. as a result of constant research and investment they keep at the forefront of current technology and design, thus providing energy efficient, durable and reliable products to industrial markets around the world.
Sumake offers a wide, comprehensive range of CE certified tools and accessories including: Air Impact Wrenches, Air Ratchet Wrenches, Air Drills, Air Grinders, Air Hammers, Air Sanders, Air Screwdrivers, Air Spray Guns, Air Riveters, Air Nail Guns and Air Bradders, just to name a few.
Certified to ISO 9001 Sumake run's an efficient well organized computerized Q.C. systems that ensures they meet quality, packaging and delivery benchmarks. Superior service to their customers is not a goal, it's a reality.
The know how of Sumake's R&D team make sure that their customers are provided with the latest innovations, designs and technical features.
Factories with modern plant and equipment combined with strict Q.C. systems,
ensure consistent quality product.