Heavy Duty PVC Pipe Cutter 42mm

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Heavy Duty PVC Pipe Cutter 42mm

Pipe cutters are tools used for slicing or cutting pipes. They are commonly used by plumbers due to their reliability and efficiency.

This PVC pipe cutter is a durable cutting tool that enables the user to cut through thick plastic pipes with maximum efficiency. It has a mechanical lever which makes cutting pipes easier by adjusting the head position with each cut.
The PVC cutter is ergonomically designed with a curved handle to offer improved control. The handle is well-shaped to provide optimum hand support for hassle free cutting operation. It does not strain the user’s hands while cutting.
The handle has a lock at the bottom which enables the user to carry and store the tool with absolute ease. This hand tool also features a clip lock mechanism which makes it easy to use. It is an essential tool that ensures user safety.
This PVC pipe cutter is ideal for use by professional electricians or plumbers for fittings and DIY applications. It allows the user to cut pipes quickly without the support of any surface. It delivers an efficient and instant cutting action.

Product Made in China