Digital Vernier Caliper Aerospace Stainless Hardened 6"/150mm

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Digital Vernier Caliper Aerospace 


  • 3 Buttons - On/Off, Zero, mm/inch
  • Stainless Hardened
  • Aerospace Make
  • 150mm/6"

Aerospace digital Vernier caliper is a precision measuring instrument. This compact electronic caliper offers an easy-to-read screen that displays the measurement with up to 1/100 inch resolution - ideal for checking fit and for measuring small parts. The wide jaws of the digimatic caliper are ideal for measuring round objects and the large, easy-to-view screen makes readings simple. This digital caliper has 3 measurements: inches, fraction and millimeters, as well as metric and inch units. This digital vernier can easily measure inner and outer dimensions. 

This Digital Vernier Caliper measures the distance between two reference points, such as an outside dimension and inside dimension, an inside dimension and depth, or an inside dimension and outside dimension. 

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