Cordless Drill cum Screwdriver 12V MAF PRO 29Pcs Complete Kit with drills, screwdriver bits, sockets

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Cordless Drill cum Screwdriver 12V MAF PRO 29Pcs Complete Kit with drills, screwdriver bits, sockets

Sockets 4mm-12mm (9Pcs)
Socket Bit Holder 1Pc
Screwdriver Bits PZ1, PH1, PH2, T20, SL5, SL6 each 1pc
Extension Bit Holder 1Pc
Wood Drills 3Pcs
HSS Drills 3Pcs
Flexible Screwdriver attachment 1Pc
Cordless Drill Machine 1Pc
12V Battery 2Pcs
Charger 1Pc
Blow mould case 1pc

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Introducing the MAF PRO Cordless Drill cum Screwdriver 12V – Your Ultimate Power Tool Companion!

Unleash the power of precision and convenience with the MAF PRO Cordless Drill cum Screwdriver 12V, a versatile and reliable tool designed to meet all your drilling and screwdriving needs. With a host of features tailored for efficiency and ease of use, this battery-operated marvel is set to redefine your DIY and professional projects.

Key Features:

1. Cordless Freedom: Say goodbye to restrictive cords and embrace the freedom of cordless operation. The MAF PRO Cordless Drill cum Screwdriver 12V provides unmatched maneuverability, allowing you to tackle projects anywhere without being tethered to a power outlet.

2. Dual Functionality: Seamlessly switch between drilling and screwdriving with the push of a button. This 2-in-1 tool is designed for versatility, making it the perfect companion for a wide range of applications.

3. Powerful 12V Performance: The 12-volt battery delivers a punch of power, ensuring that you can handle both light-duty tasks and more demanding projects with ease. Experience the perfect balance of performance and efficiency.

4. Quick Charging: Minimize downtime with the rapid charging capability of the MAF PRO Cordless Drill cum Screwdriver. Get back to work swiftly, thanks to the efficient charging system that keeps you powered up and productive.

5. Portable Design: Crafted with portability in mind, this drill cum screwdriver is lightweight and easy to carry, allowing you to take it wherever your projects may lead. It's the ideal tool for those on the go.

6. Precision Control: Achieve precise results every time with the variable speed control and adjustable torque settings. Whether you're drilling into tough materials or delicately fastening screws, this tool puts you in command.

7. Rechargeable Reliability: The rechargeable design ensures that you always have a reliable source of power. Bid farewell to constantly replacing batteries and embrace the cost-effective and eco-friendly rechargeable solution.

8. Best-in-Class Quality: MAF PRO is committed to delivering the best, and our Cordless Drill cum Screwdriver 12V is no exception. Built with durability and longevity in mind, this tool is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use.

Experience the revolution in cordless power tools with the MAF PRO Cordless Drill cum Screwdriver 12V. Elevate your projects, unleash your creativity, and enjoy the unmatched convenience of a tool designed to exceed your expectations. Make it your go-to solution for drilling and screwdriving – order yours today!

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