Big Red Torin Jack Stand with Safety Pin Double Locking 3 Ton Set of 2 Stands T43001C

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 Big Red Torin Jack Stand 3Ton T43001C

With Safety Pin & Double locking mechanism

Jack StandBig Red Torin Jack StandBig Red Torin

Big Red Torin Jack Stand 3Ton with safety pin double locking mechanism.

  • Minimum Height 288mm, Maximum Height 428mm
  • Large foot base for added support
  • Ductile Iron Rack, Solid steel handle. Self-locking ratchet.
  • With Safety locking pin (Double Locking)
  • Ratchet type for fine adjustable with double locking protection
  • Ratchet Style allows for fine adjustment and fast removal
  • Large saddle, unitized frame construction

Jack Stand TorinJack Stand Big Red